☀️ Be Sun Safe ☀️


Please send a sun hat for your child!

In FS we have been discussing the importance of sun safety and it was great to hear how much the children knew about staying safe in hot weather.  We will be ensuring the children spend short bursts of time outdoors as the weather begins to get hotter, and frequently go indoors to cool down.  We will also ensure they are drinking plenty of cool, fresh water which is available throughout the day and we will be having juice breaks, eating fresh and juicy fruits and might even have an ice pop on particularly hot afternoons later in the summer.  We will also be encouraging children to wear sun hats so it it really important that they bring these to school.

 A huge thank you in advance to all parents who put sun cream on their child before they come to school in the morning, this is really important.  We do ask that as the weather begins to hot up, all parents put sun cream on their child every morning before school, however you can also send a bottle to school clearly labelled with the child’s name (if they stay full days).  They must however be able to apply this themselves (with adult supervision and support at lunchtime) as staff cannot apply this for them and they must only use their own, named sun cream and must not share with friends.

Thank you for you support ☀