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  • Every Day Matters!

    Attendance at school is really important, especially in Foundation Stage where children are building the foundations for their future learning, making huge steps in learning and discovering new things every single day!

    Reception children should be in school every day and we strongly encourage all nursery children to attend every day too as this is very important for this early stage of learning, keeping in routines and developing social skills and strong relationships. 

    Each week, the class with the highest attendance win the attendance cup trophy which is also full of sweets for the class to share.  This is celebrated in assembly, as is their attendance in school.  If the whole class has 100% attendance for the week, they also get a visit from the ice cream van!

    Our Foundation children really want to win the trophy, and better still would love a visit from the ice cream van! Please help them achieve this goal by making sure your child is in school, and on time, every day!  

    For your information…

    Full attenders for each half term are also invited to an attendance celebration which may be a film and popcorn, a baking activity, or something else they have discussed with Miss Morris, our attendance monitor.

    100% attenders of the year are awarded with one of our specially embroidered ‘100%’ sweatshirts and go on a ‘mystery trip’ the following academic year, on which they can invite you to join them too!

    Please support us in our strive for 100% attendance.  Absence from school really does have a huge impact on your child’s learning and progress.  One missed day equals a lot of missed learning!

    Thank you for your support 



  • Large scale outdoor transient art 🍂🍁

  • Did you know…?

  • Autumn Term 2

    Welcome back to Autumn Term 2 🙂

    We hope you all had a wonderful half term break and are feeling ready for the run up to Christmas!  Thank you to everyone who brought autumn materials in today for our large scale transient art.  It has been lovely to hear all the stories about trips to woods and ventures into the gardens to collect everything, the children have been very enthusiastic about it and we are looking forward to working on our large scale outdoor art very soon!  Look out for the photos when we get going 🙂


  • Autumn Art 🍁🍂🍃

    Remember to bring anything you have collected for our large scale Autumn art project when we start back to school on Tuesday 7th November.  This will be an outdoor art project so please make sure your child has a warm weatherproof coat for school.

  • Happy Holidays 💀🎃👻☄💥

    What an amazing 8 weeks we have had, the children have made so much progress already just in the first half term! They have all worked very hard and certainly deserve a break.  They’ve been excitedly telling us all about their plans for Halloween and Bonfire Night and we’ve talked about the importance of staying safe.  So from all of us at Foundation Stage, we hope you have lots of fun and remember to stay safe, and of course…

  • Autumn Half Term Help 🍂🍁

    We have some fun half term homework for you which would really help us in preparing for a project next half term.  Do you think you could help? Watch the video below to find out more…


  • Spooky Skeleton Stories 🎃💀👻

    Thank you to everyone who
    joined us for our Foundation Stage spooky skeleton story session.  It was lovely to see so many of you and the children really enjoy having you in to visit them in class.  We hope they didn’t scare you too much though!

    We would love to hear about yours and your child’s favourite part of the story and have set up a post on your child’s Seesaw journal for you to comment and tell us.  We look forward to seeing you all again soon. 🎃👻💀