Year 4/5

  • After School Clubs

    Remember – after school clubs are continuing right up until the last day of term (Friday 20th July 2018)!  Don’t miss out!

  • New Animal discovered in the Amazon Rainforest

    This afternoon we used Augmented Reality to bring our drawings to life. Next we are going to write an animal fact file about our new discoveries. The children loved seeing their birds come alive.

  • Animals including humans – teeth

    This week we have been learning about the different types of teeth and their functions. We took a photo of our mouths and labelled our teeth. Next we will create a video explaining their function.

  • Shape consolidation

    Consolidate our learning in Maths by learning the names of these triangles and quadrilaterals.


    Goldthorpe Primary School will be closed again tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) on Health and Safety grounds owing to ice on site.  We expect to be open as usual on Monday morning. Please do stay warm and safe over the weekend.


    For the safety of all our pupils, parents/carers, families and staff, the school will be closed today owing to the continuing adverse weather conditions we are experiencing.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  Please stay safe.


  • Class read – The Creakers.

    This half term we are enjoying the Creakers by Tom Fletcher. We can’t wait to find what happens when Lucy enters the Woleb in search of her missing parents.

  • Stolen school bus

    Our school minibus was stolen this afternoon. This happened at 14:42 as shown on CCTV. The fence panel was cut and removed, a small window removed for access and the padlock on the gates forced. The minibus was then driven out of the school car park. This happened at the end of the day when the children had finished their outdoor activities.

    The registration number for our silver 17 seater bus is YT14 NBL. The bus has Goldthorpe Primary School written down both sides as well as our school logo. If you do spot our bus – probably with a shadow of where the logo has been by now – please do contact the police or contact us through social media.

    The children who were looking forward to their trips to the Royal Armouries tomorrow and Thursday are now very disappointed.

    There is a significant cash reward for information leading to the recovery of the vehicle and prosecution of the offenders.

  • Why did the War begin?

    We have used our Geography skills and used an atlas to identify the allies, axis and neutral countries involved in WW2. We are going to research what caused the outbreak of the War next.

  • World War 2 soldiers.

    This week in Connected Learning, we researched what experiences men had during World War 2. We looked at an image of a World War 2 soldier and used Skitch to label the soldiers equipment. We are now going to research the equipment of a modern day soldier and compare the differences and similarities.