Year 4

  • National Coal Mining Museum

  • National Coal Mining Museum

    Last week Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the National Coal Mining Museum. We had a tour of the underground and took part in a workshop all about life in a Mining village in the 1970s.

  • Folk Art

  • Year 4 Parent Event

  • Super Science with the Kinetic Theatre Company
  • Invaders or settlers?

    We discovered that Vikings chose to settle in a number of different countries around the world. We researched what makes a good place to settle by looking at different settlements. After looking at these pictures we generated success criteria for a settlement and we had build one on Minecraft. We then evaluated our work to see how it could be improved. 

  • Splendid switches

    In our next Science task, we had to investigate how switches work. We were given a number of different switches to test how they worked. We then created our own switches using card, paper clips and split pins to see if they worked in the same way. We discovered that a switch breaks and completes an electrical circuit. 

  • Fabulous Art work

    We have created cubism art work inspired by Picasso. 

  • Super circuits

    Our Science topic this half term is Electricity. We started the topic by completing a challenge. We were presented with a number of pieces of equipment used to create an electrical circuit. Our challenge was to use the equipment to create a circuit and light up the light bulb or sound the buzzer. 

  • Jorvik

    Last week Year 4 had a fantastic trip to Jorvik. We particularly enjoyed the ride because we got to see how the Vikings used to live.