Behaviour Policy Summary

Our Aims

Goldthorpe Primary School aims to provide an outstanding standard of education for all pupils. In order to achieve this, appropriate behaviour must be maintained consistently across the school. This will be based on clear rules, rewards for positive and consequences for negative behaviour.  The aim is to move from a rules based approach to one where pupils have internalised what good behaviour is and how it leads to better learning for all by rewarding appropriate behaviour in order to develop an ethos of kindness and co-operation. This is all underpinned by our belief in nurturing our children and respect for all (see our Equality Policy).

The school’s approach provides a framework that sets out the boundaries in a clear and simple way for pupils at different stages of development.


Adults can maintain an outstanding learning environment through a range of means. Being positive, calm and consistent is the basis of the Goldthorpe approach. Pupils are informed about what they are expected to do, dealt with fairly and, most importantly, hear good behaviour celebrated at every opportunity.

Rules for 2016/2018

Key Stage 2

  1. Do as an adult tells you the first time.
  2. Always listen when others are speaking.
  3. Keep hands and feet to yourself.
  4. Use equipment correctly.
  5. Sit on chairs properly.
  6. Walk around school.
  7. Put up your hand and wait to be asked before you speak.
  8. Always listen when someone is speaking.

Key Stage 1

  1. Use walking feet around school.
  2. Do what adults tell you.
  3. Do not throw things.
  4. Look after each other.
  5. Take care of your classroom and belongings.
  6. Always listen when someone is speaking

Foundation Stage

  1. Use walking feet around school.
  2. Do what adults tell us.
  3. Do not throw things.
  4. Look after each other.
  5. Take care of books and toys.
  6.  Always listen when someone is speaking.



  1. Always listen when someone is speaking.
  2. Do what adults tell us.
  3. Do not throw things.
  4. Look after each other.
  5. Take care of equipment.

Hall Rules

The hall will be treated as a special place in order to establish an environment befitting its purpose as a place for the SMSC and collective worship. To this end, it will be entered without talking and pupils expected to sit quietly. This will be enhanced by the use of music and images to hold attention. Dojo points will be used quietly to celebrate exemplary behaviour in the hall.

Severe Behaviour Categories

  • Racism
  • Stealing
  • Insolence
  • Fighting
  • Bullying
  • Injury to another
  • Vandalism
  • Homophobic bullying

All severe behaviour will be logged for monitoring purposes and to trigger engagement with parents.

Severe behaviour descriptors and consequences can be found in the full behaviour policy in the policies section of the website.


Pupil Support Systems

These include access to our nurture provision, EHA, buddy systems and PSHE/P4C/Circle Time.


Working with parents

Working with parents is an essential part of the policy. It is important that home and school work together on improving behaviour as pupils who choose not to behave will not reach their full potential and might well be misbehaving at home.

Parents need to be informed when their child chooses to keep the rules as well as when their child chooses not to. Therefore, colleagues will endeavour to make contact informally at the end of the day with parents/ carers whose child has been particularly good over a period of time or who has improved.

In the case of consistently poor behaviour, parents will be offered an EHA to consider the wider needs of the child and family and signpost to appropriate services. Parents who feel that their child has been unfairly treated may refer to the school complaints procedure.


Pupils may be excluded from school for five lunchtimes if they routinely and deliberately disobey school rules. This occurs if the child reaches the fifth consequence in a half-term (see Severe Behaviour and Consequences). Parents receive 24 hours notice of the exclusion and are expected to collect their child from school at the start of their set lunchtime and return them to school at the end of their set lunchtime.  Children who receive free meals will be provided with a lunch to take home or will eat their dinner before going home, whichever is deemed most appropriate when the exclusion is put in place.

It is policy to avoid excluding pupils from curriculum time unless remaining in school endangers the safety of staff and other pupils, in which case a fixed term exclusion of 3 days will initially be applied in accordance with LEA policy. The procedures followed can be found in the Exclusion Policy and are those recommended by Barnsley LEA.


Use of our Nurture Provision

In order to meet our children’s needs, their behaviour may require a period of provision in our Nurture Provision. This would be in partnership with parents and be reflected in their IEP.


Anti-Bullying Policy Statement

Goldthorpe Primary School celebrates good behaviour and deals consistently with poor behaviour. It is a whole school approach based on clear rules, rewards and consequences.  It is essentially a fair system that promotes self-esteem, responsibility and individual choice.

We recognise and understand that the school needs to be a safe learning environment for all of our pupils. It is for this reason, that we devised severe rules and consequences.

Bullying is part of this system. We operate a no tolerance approach to bullying at all times.  It is a whole school approach which aims to remove the causes of bullying and deal with any cases that occur.  It creates an atmosphere where bullying is openly discussed and addressed.

Incidents are always dealt with by a senior member of staff and often the parents of both the bully and the victim are involved. Incidents of bullying are recorded on CPOMS.  These are kept for an academic year and school statistics are kept year on year.  This allows us to be aware of increases and decreases in bullying behaviours and address them as part of P.S.H.C.E work.

Cyber-bullying and the use of social media to bully and intimidate will not be tolerated and will be counted as a serious incident.

See our Anti-Bullying Policy for further information.


Inclusivity and Equality

Any bullying or discriminatory behaviours that go against the school’s Equality Policy will not be tolerated and sanctions will be applied. This applies to pupils with SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities).

See our Equality Policy for further information.


Ofsted have judged behaviour in school as ‘good’ and, as a team, we are working to ensure that it is ‘outstanding’.  If you would like to read the full copy of our Behaviour Policy, it is available  here.  A ‘Positive Behaviour at Goldthorpe Primary School’ leaflet can also be found in the ‘Parent/Carer Leaflet Section’.