Who are our Governors and what do they do?

Governors are volunteers who give their time and expertise to support the school.  They come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds and support the school in making key decisions in areas such as school policies and staffing, whilst also meeting regularly with the Head teacher and other key people involved in the school.  The governing body includes representation of the local community, parents, the local authority and school staff.  The role of those serving on the Governing Body is an important one, ensuring that there is accountability for the performance of the school and that it serves the community well.  Those serving on the Governing Body must ensure that at all times they act in good faith and in the best interests of the school, exercising reasonable care and skill having particular regard to personal knowledge and experience.

Goldthorpe Primary School currently has an IEB (Interim Executive Board) of Governors in place. This is made up of Sarah Creighton (Chair of IEB), Billy Fallon, Denis Hird and Dave Benbow.




IEB Register of interests 2018-2019