Aims, Ethos and Vision

Goldthorpe Primary School provides a high quality learning experience for all our children to acquire skills, knowledge and understanding to equip them for life beyond the classroom.  We ensure an ethos of high expectations for all children, developing independent learning and aspiration.  Our children gain ambition to succeed in adult life, making positive contributions to the lives of others as well as themselves and to become responsible and effective citizens of the community.

Nurturing pupils and providing a loving, caring and safe environment is at the heart of our school.  We promote values to encourage our learners to be respectful towards themselves and others; responsible for their own learning, actions and for the wider world; and, resilient, to be able to deal with the ups and downs of life

Our school and wider community aim to provide an inspiring environment with high quality learning experiences for our children and young people.

We aim to support our children and young people to be all that they can be, both in the classroom and the community.

Through close working relationships between the school, our pupils, their families and partners, we aim to ensure the best possible start in education and life-long learning for our children and young people


We believe ideal learning happens when:

  • Children lead their own learning
  • Opportunities are given to work independently and collaboratively
  • Children are engaged and purposeful
  • Learning is experiential and active
  • Learning takes place in the natural environment and outdoors whenever possible
  • Learning provides challenge and is differentiated
  • Learning is well planned and organised
  • We nurture the whole child

We will do this through working in genuine partnership with all stakeholders and will learn from looking inwards, outwards and forwards.


Through a creative curriculum we aim:

To provide a happy stimulating and secure environment which motivates all children to develop their learning, curiosity, self reliance, self discipline, self respect, respect for others and co-operation

To be an inclusive school, which ensures that everyone is given equality of opportunity, is treated fairly and with respect

To personalise learning through quality first teaching which takes account of learners’ individual and special needs

To make connections between all subjects and to enable all children to use and apply key skills across a curriculum which provides opportunities for first-hand experience, practical work, investigation and learning through play

To give responsibility and a voice to learners

To enrich and enliven the curriculum by visits, visitors and extensive use of the environment

To encourage children to adopt a safe and healthy life style

To encourage parents and the wider community to become equal partners in the life of the school and to involve them in the evaluation and celebration of its success

To equip our children to take their place in society and make positive contributions to enhance the lives of others as well as their own