Staff Team

Our staff team share the high hopes we have for our pupils, working closely with parents and carers to ensure all children enjoy their time in school whilst also achieving their full potential.  We are very proud of our staff. They are enthusiastic, friendly and caring.

Mrs. S. Fields Head Teacher SLT Mrs. D. Saunders Foundation Stage TA
  Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs. B. Daw Foundation Stage TA
Miss. C. Cowlishaw Assistant Head Teacher SLT Mrs. M. Barker Foundation Stage TA
  Specialist Leader of Education Mrs. D. Blessed Teaching Assistant KS1
  Head of EYFS and KS1   First Aider
  FS Unit Class Teacher Miss. H. Hartley Teaching Assistant KS1
Mr. A. Riby Assistant Head Teacher SLT   1:1 Support
  Inclusion and SEND Coordinator Mrs. D. George Teaching Assistant KS1
  Deputy Safeguarding Lead   1:1 Support
Miss. E. Claxton FS Unit Class Teacher   First Aider
Mr. N. Precious FS Unit Class Teacher Miss. N. Gibson Teaching Assistant LKS2
Miss. C. Henshaw Year 1 Class Teacher (NQT)   First Aider
Mr. J. Hodgson Year 2 Class Teacher Miss. K. Peace Teaching Assistant LKS2
Mr. L. Parkinson Year 3 Class Teacher (NQT) Mrs. M. Trask Teaching Assistant UKS2
Mrs. E. McVeigh Year 3 Class Teacher Miss. K. Smith Teaching Assistant UKS2
  Middle Leadership Team Miss. K. Townend Specialist Behaviour Support TA
Mr. B. Hitchen Year 4 Class Teacher Mr. A. Guy Nurture Teaching Assistant
Mr. S. Tazzyman Year 5 Class Teacher Mr. C. Wharton Outdoor Education Teacher
  Middle Leadership Team   Eco-Schools Lead
Mr. S. Harrold Year 6 Class Teacher   Forest School First Aider
  Specialist Leader of Education Mr. R. Bunniss Learning Mentor
  Middle Leadership Team   Eco-Schools Practitioner
Mrs. L. Corker Specialist Maths Teacher Mrs. J. Davidson Receptionist and Secretary
  Accelerated Reader Specialist  
Mrs. K. Wake Year 4 Class Teacher (0.4) Mrs. S. McCormick Business Manager SLT
Miss. R. Chen  Mandarin Teacher (0.4) Mrs. C. Anderson Business Administration Officer
Mrs. H. Mosley Specialist Dance Teacher Miss. A. Morris Family Support Advisor
Live & Learn Specialist Sports Coaching Team BMBC PADS Music Specialist Music Team
Mrs. A. Armitage Lead TA Mrs. A. Driver Kitchen Manager
  SEND Teaching Assistant Mrs.T.Glazzard Catering Assistant
  First Aider Mrs. P. Howson Catering Assistant
Miss. H. Spyve Foundation Stage Lead TA Mrs. A. Addy Catering Assistant
  Early Years Specialist Miss. K. Nevins Catering Assistant
  First Aider Mrs. M.Wilcock   School Caretaker



Governors are volunteers who give their time and expertise to support the school.  They come from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds and support the school in making key decisions in areas such as school policies and staffing, whilst also meeting regularly with the Head teacher and other key people involved in the school.  The governing body includes representation of the local community, parents, the local authority and school staff.

Marilyn Gittner                                    Chair of Governors

Father Carl Schaeffer                          Vice Chair of Governors

Cllr. May Noble                                    Local Authority Governor

Mrs. C. Swift                                          Community Governor

Mrs. C. Ward                                         Community Governor

Mrs. E. McVeigh                                   Staff Governor

Mrs. A. Jenkinson                                Associate Governor

Mrs. D. Mellors                                     Parent Governor