Accelerated Reader


What is Renaissance Accelerated Reader (AR)?

AR is a reading program that helps teachers support and monitor children’s reading practice.  Your child picks a book at their own level and reads it at their own pace.  When finished, your child takes a short online quiz to measure how much of the book they understood.

What is a Renaissance Star Reading test?

Star Reading is an online test used to measure your child’s reading level.  The test used multiple-choice questions and takes around 20 minutes.

How do students select books?

AR includes over 30,000 books.  These can be found in the school library as well as public libraries, book shops, homes etc.  Each book is assigned three scores to help your child make a suitable choice: 

Book Level                                                                          Points                                                                  Interest Level

Book Levels represent the difficulty                            Books are assigned Points based on                             The Interest Level indicates for

of the text.  The Star Reading test tells                       their word count.  Points are earned                            which age group a book is suitable

your child what range of Book Levels                         by passing quizzes.  Students are set                            for.  It does this based on the 

to read within. This is called the Zone                       personalised targets each term by                                  content and themes.

of Proximal Development (ZPD).                                their teacher.

BL: 4.0   IL: UY   Pts: 14                                BL: 4.0   IL: LY   Pts: 0.5

The two examples above both have a Book Level of 4.0. This is because both have short sentences and simple vocabulary.  However, ‘Noughts and Crosses’ is worth 14 Points because it’s quite a lengthy text and is intended for Upper Years’ students.  Meanwhile ‘The Enormous Crocodile’ is worth 0.5 Points as it is much shorter, and it is intended for Lower Years.

How can I help my child become a better reader?

  • Make time for them to read at home. Children need to read for at least 20 minutes every day to improve their reading ability.
  •  Encourage your child to read; discuss books, asking questions about what they have read; and visit your local library.
  • Find suitable books for your child at Use the Search function to look for specific titles or topics, or go to Advanced Search to browse for books within your child’s ZPD and interest level.
  • To find out more about your child’s reading progress, visit Home Connect. This will allow you to track your child’s progress towards their targets and to view your child’s reading history. Contact the school to find out more information.