Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC)

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) permeates through all areas of Goldthorpe Primary School with a wide range of activities to promote SMSC such as family/parent learning events, specific nurture/pastoral and outdoor education teachers and teaching assistants, music specialists and opportunities to engage in literature from other cultures and countries, to include just a few.

As a school we recognise the importance of SMSC permeating the curriculum and of children being part of the school community. The school’s SMSC policy details how SMSC provision looks within school and an SMSC grid is used as a working document, which is updated as and when additional SMSC provision is seen within school.

Since September 2015, SMSC provision has been greatly enhanced by the introduction of Outdoor Education/Eco and Forest Schools, as this supports children in the development of their self-esteem, self-confidence and responsibility for themselves and others. This also expands to lunchtime activities and afterschool clubs, which also include Outdoor/Eco Schools sessions, promoting skills such as communication and team working as well as responsibility and care for animals and the environment.

Further to this, children have access to a wide range of literature and resources from different cultures, countries and references, to ensure an SMSC element is included in their learning. Therefore SMSC provision is often included as an underlying aspect embedded within other learning, for example, children participate in reflection on their own learning in all subjects, which is a good demonstration of SMSC across the curriculum. SMSC is at the heart of the school with a culture in which the aim is for all children to be happy and respectful, but also grow to be good citizens in the future.

The SMSC grid identifies the key skills and attributes children should acquire and understand within SMSC. Examples are then added to show how the school has met these criteria and this is updated regularly throughout the school year. RE is a statutory requirement to include within the curriculum and British Values, citizenship and PHSE are central to SMSC and the school ethos, ensuring social and emotional aspects are at the heart of the school.

The coverage identified on the grid is not exhaustive of the coverage across school as coverage in individual classes through taught sessions and that of embedded coverage throughout the curriculum are not all identified on the grid, however additional specific examples including assemblies and events or specific lesson may be.

Fig1. An example of the SMSC grid

You can find more information about SMSC at Goldthorpe Primary School in the SMSC Policy (found here). The policy details the importance of pupil development in social, moral, spiritual and cultural areas and how these lie at the heart of the school.